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Become a sponsor and have your product/company promoted on the channel! 

Brand sponsorship's are an excellent way of reaching a target niche. If you have a product that you would like to promote I welcome you to contact me:

Why Should I Partner?

Reaching The Right Audience:

Reaching the right audience is key to a successful marketing campaign, 97% of my audience is males interested in the automotive sector. Studies have shown that targeted video marketing is a very effective way to showcase a product.

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My channel is growing at a staggering rate. 

Beyond my expectations I have found a niche that is returning huge potential. 

I have become one of the top search returns in the LS Swap Category, which on average has a daily search of several thousand, meaning every time someone searches the term "LS Swap" my videos are some of the first they see. Any video i make in this category has potential to get THOUSANDS of views. 

Captivate My Audience

Share your message with my audience across multiple platforms, all of which are growing every day

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Ready to Partner?

If you are ready, so am I. Send an email to

or send me a DM on Instagram:

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