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The Ultimate LS Swap Parts List

Updated: Mar 27

Affiliate Disclosure: Links in this article may be affiliate links. Affiliate links provide me a small commission on purchases of products, or by clicking on the link.

This is an ever changing list of parts I use for my swaps, These are general parts, and not specific to one vehicle, check the other blog posts for Vehicle Specific parts.

(This page is constantly being added to so bear with me)

Vehicle Specific Parts:

Square body Chevy (73-87)

Select By Category:

-Engine Mounting

-Wiring Harness

-Engine General






Fuel System:

The Ls Fuel System is one of the most vital components of any swap.

For a stock setup you need to have at least 58PSI to the rails and be able to flow 255LPH. AN (Army-Navy) fittings are a top choice when making custom lines and are primarily all I use. -6AN Lines would be the smallest I would go on a stock setup moving up to -8AN for anything up to 500HP NA.

A complete LS fuel system consists of:

-Fuel Pump: Either internal or external minimum 255lph/60psi

-Fuel Line: I prefer AN Lines to rubber hose

-Regulator: If using stock intake verify if you have a

--Return style fuel rail (Inlet and return line on intake) or Returnless Style (only one line on intake). For return style no regulator needed for stock - mild applications.

--Returnless requires external regulator.

-Fuel Filter: any basic filter will do, preferably something that can be easily replaced

-Fuel Rail Adapters: If using stock fuel rail these will convert the push to connect fittings to AN

Fuel Pumps:

Walbro GSS342

Bare Minimum for a stock setup 255lph/60psi

Walbro GSS342
Walbro GSS342

Ebay: $79.98

(Not Walbro But should be compatible)

AN-6 Hose Kit

Basic Generic Kit:

Includes an assortment of fittings and 20ft of hose this is my preferred kit.

Ebay: $52


Fuel Injection Hose Clamps

These are great clamps to use instead of regular hose clamps, mainly used for clamping the AN hose onto existing barbs such as those on stock fuel tanks.

3/8" (AN-6)

Ebay: $6

Amazon: $14

AN-6 Fuel Filter

This is a very good cheap replaceable fuel filter, it comes with multiple size AN fittings and a nice bracket.

Ebay: $24

Amazon: $26

Fuel Filter Mount

Incase you need one

Ebay: $10

Amazon: $13

Push to connect - AN6 Adapter Fittings

3/8 (Inlet)

Ebay: $14.91

Amazon: $9

5/16 (Return)

Ebay: $10

Amazon: $9

Fuel Filter/Regulator

Corvette style:

You will need a external regulator if you are using a returnless fuel rail this is a good OEM style filter/regulator combo. It includes AN adapters as well.

Ebay: $65

Amazon: $65

Fuel Tank Return Bulkhead Fitting


If you are using a fuel tank that doesn't have a return line you can use this to add one

Ebay: $10

Amazon: $10

Engine Mounting:

Engine Parts:


OEM Spark plugs


Harmonic balancer puller:

Makes the job super easy and for the price it's well worth it:

Piston ring compressor:

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