Squarebody LS Swap Parts List

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Here is EVERY Single Part used on my 81 C20 Pickup so far:

*Note: Some items may not be identical between amazon and Ebay but i chose parts that were as close in case you prefer one to the other


Transmission Crossmember

Ebay :$78

Amazon: $174.95

Engine Mounts:

Cheap original Generic mounts:

(They work but aren't he greatest)

Ebay: $35


C10 Specific Mounts:

Ebay $54

Amazon: $58

Fuel System:

Gas tank:

87-91 Chevy R10 Fuel Injected

Ebay: $100

Amazon: $105

Fuel Pump:

Walbro GSS342

Ebay: $67

Amazon: $55

Fuel Sending unit:

87-91 R10

Ebay: $62

Amazon: $96

AN-6 Hose Kit

Ebay: $43


Fuel Injection Hose Clamps (3/8")

Ebay: $6

Amazon: $14

Engine Parts:

4.8 Pistons:

TH400 Crank Spacer:

Gasket Set:

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