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Squarebody LS Swap Parts List

Updated: Mar 27

Affiliate Disclosure: Links in this article may be affiliate links. Affiliate links provide me a small commission on purchases of products, or by clicking on the link.

Here is EVERY Single Part used on my 81 C20 Pickup so far:

*Note: Some items may not be identical between sellers

** Some links may be Affiliate links - a small commission may be earned on sales using these links.

Table of Contents:


Transmission Crossmember

73-87 C10 Transmission Crossmember
73-87 C10 Transmission Crossmember

Ebay :$78

Amazon: $97


Engine Mounts:

SBC to LS Mounts:

(They work but aren't the greatest)

LSX Innovations SBC to LS Mounts
LSX Innovations SBC to LS Mounts

Ebay: $35


C10 Specific Mounts:

C10 LS Mounts
C10 LS Mounts

Amazon: $58

Fuel System:

Fuel tank:

87-91 Chevy R10 Fuel Injected

Spectra Premium Fuel Tank GM1C
Spectra Premium Fuel Tank GM1C

Ebay: $100

Amazon: $105

Autozone: $124.99

*Coupon - $20 Off $100 or more ends 9/18/21

Fuel Pump:

Walbro GSS342

Walbro GSS342
Walbro GSS342

Ebay: $79.98

(Not Walbro But should be compatible)

Fuel Sending unit:

87-91 Chevy R10

87-91 Chevy R10 Fuel Sending unit
87-91 Chevy R10 Fuel Sending unit

Ebay: $60

Amazon: $96

AN-6 Hose Kit

Ebay: $52


Fuel Injection Hose Clamps (3/8")

Ebay: $6

Amazon: $14

AN-6 Fuel Filter

Ebay: $24

Amazon: $26

Fuel Filter Mount

Ebay: $10

Amazon: $13

Push to connect - AN6 Adapter Fittings

3/8 (Inlet)

Ebay: $14.91

Amazon: $9

5/16 (Return)

Ebay: $10

Amazon: $9

Engine Parts:

4.8 Pistons:

TH400 Crank Spacer:

Gasket Set:


Long tube Headers:

(Didnt fit for me but maybe you'll have better luck)

Amazon: $267

Ebay: $280

Shorty Stainless Manifolds:

Amazon: $200

Ebay: $156


AN 6 Transmission Cooler:

Amazon: $39

Ebay: $45

4l60e AN 6 Adapter fittings:

Amazon: $12

Ebay: $11

Wiring Harness:

Cheap harness:

Ebay: $280

(This one includes Injector adapters, just include Delphi in Notes)

Amazon: $260

Delphi injector adapters

Ebay: $29

Amazon: $27

Driveshaft Parts:

4l60e Slip Yoke:

Amazon: $66


Moog 348 U joint (1310 to 1350 for slip yoke end):

Amazon: $26


C20 Center Bearing:

Amazon: $26


Power Steering:

Power Steering Box AN6 Adapters

Amazon: $15

Power Steering Pump AN6 Adapter

(M16 x 1.5)

Amazon: $12

Ebay :$8

Power Steering Hose

Amazon: $21

Ebay: $21

Russel Powerflex Fittings:

x2 Needed

Amazon: $22

Ebay: $21

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