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LS Engine Rebuild Parts List

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Recently I rebuilt my Gen IV Aluminum Block 5.3 from my 2007 Chevy Avalanche after a nasty rod knock occurred.

It turned out the damage was a lot worse than I had expected.

I had to replace the crank and various other parts just to get it back to normal. I did so in my own garage with no special machining tools and no machine work.

Here's Everything I used to rebuild a LS Engine in my garage:

Disclaimer: There are many variations of engines, I do my best to explain the differences, but i cannot guarantee any part listed will work with your engine.

Also I am an idiot, not a mechanic/machinist/engine builder. Working on your own car can get you severely injured or killed, do so at your own risk.

Gen III VS Gen IV Engines:

As a rule of thumb, most engines 2006 and older are Gen III, 2007 after is Gen IV with some grey areas between 2006 and 2007, there are differences which I will not explain here, however you must ensure what engine you have, one of the many indicators of a gen IV for example would be the Camshaft position Sensor being in the front timing cover. There are more indicators but you must research and determine what Generation engine you have first.


(Gen IV)

Hard Parts:

Gen IV Crank:


Replacement Piston:


Replacement piston Set: By Make/Model

Replacement Lifter:


Replacement Lifter Set: By Make/Model

Piston Ring Set STD Size

Main Bearing, Cam Bearing, Rod Bearing

Set STD Size:

Camshaft Sprocket (Convert from 1 Bolt to 3 Bolt)

Camshaft Sprocket (OEM 1 Bolt Cam)


Bottom End Gasket Set

Top End Gasket Set


OEM Tools Crank Pulley Remover

Universal Stone Hone

Cam Bearing Tool

Digital Torque Wrench:

Harbor Freight: Quinn 1/2 In. Drive Digital Torque Wrench

Milwaukee Power Tools I Use:

3/8 Impact Gun

1/2 Impact Gun

3/8 Electric Ratchet

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